New Engineering Director plus 4 other Appts.

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Steve Wojtal: Director of Engineering
Formerly Tool & Die Dept. Mgr., Steve has been appointed CWM Director of Engineering, bringing his deep tooling knowledge and years of experience to his new role. Among other duties he will be overseeing the design and construction of all CWM tooling and supervising the work of the project engineering staff. Steve joined CWM in 1979.

Tom Mrock: New Program Introduction Manager
In this newly created NPI position, Tom will be interfacing with customers, CWM personnel and suppliers in the early phases of newly awarded, as well as potential, programs to establish the optimum finishing process. He joined CWM in 1983.

Dave Crevie: Tool & Die Dept. Supervisor
Moving from Tool & Die Dept. Asst. Mgr., Dave will be overseeing all work in the maintenance and repair of production tooling. He is a 22-year CWM veteran.

Dan O’Connor: Director of Purchasing
Dan, who joined CWM in 1984, will be directing personnel engaged in procuring services, components and supplies,
as well as material handling activities in the Traffic Dept.
He was formerly Manager of Traffic & Material Handling.

Francisco Acosta: Traffic Supervisor
Francisco, a former Purchasing Component Expeditor, will be coordinating all materials shipments & receipt of deliveries.

USA Today: Manufacturing Returning to USA?

USA Today: Manufacturing Returning to USA?

This special August 2010 report in USA Today states that General Electric is moving important production from China to a newly renovated factory in the USA, resulting in 400 jobs. The story highlights a growing band of U.S. manufacturers—including giants such as GE, NCR and Caterpillar—that are reversing the inexorable offshoring movement, bringing return of some new production to the U.S. from far-flung locations such as China.

Other OEMs that were buying components overseas are switching to U.S. suppliers. Ford Motor said August 4 that it was bringing nearly 2,000 jobs to its U.S. plants by 2012 from suppliers, including those in Japan, Mexico and India.

Many reasons for the shifts were reported, often called “onshoring” or “reshoring.” Chinese wages and shipping costs have risen sharply in the past few years while U.S. salaries have stayed flat, or in some cases, fallen in the recession. Meanwhile, U.S. manufacturers have been frustrated by the sometimes poor quality of goods made by foreign contractors, theft of their intellectual property and long product-delivery cycles that make them less responsive to customer demand. Several cite the drawbacks of tying up valuable capital in huge overseas shipments, and want to bring assembly closer to engineers, suppliers and customers, concerns that mounted as makers slashed costs in the downturn. Others are simply weary of midnight phone calls—and multiple annual trips—to Asia.

Check out OEM Tech Brief #39 for more information. Also see book review, “Poorly Made in China,” here.

IMA Excellence Award to CWM Mg Medical Housing

Portable Ultrasound System

The hot-chamber magnesium die cast housing from CWM for a new cart-based modular ultrasound system received the “Design Award of Excellence” from the International Magnesium Association (IMA).  Lightweight, durability under abuse, and fail-safe shielding against the ultra-high EMI noise levels of hospital environments were important material and process considerations.

In-depth OEM experience with plastics rejected a resin-based design, based plastic’s requirement for thicker walls and the difficulties of assured EMI/RFI shielding, plus inherent lower drop strength.

Both magnesium die casting and thixotropic metal molding were carefully evaluated in the engineering of this magnesium part. While metal molding could meet the shielding advantages and ruggedness of die cast magnesium, it could not meet the minimum wall thicknesses required— achievable using advanced die casting methods.

For more details on this Medical Housing application, see our case study here.