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Giving Tuesday 2023 – How CWM Gives Back

Walter Treiber Sr., grandfather of current President/CEO Eric Treiber, created the Chicago White Metal Charitable Foundation in 1961. The Foundation was established to share CWM’s successes with surrounding communities.  

The Charitable Foundation at CWM actively promotes employee engagement in identifying and expressing their strong interests in particular causes. Employees have a say in how CWM disperses its charitable funds through formal application processes and informal internal competitions (like our NCAA Bracket Tournament for charity).

As we observe Giving Tuesday, we’d like to display some of the impactful contributions made by the CWM Charitable Foundation since its inception – particularly as of late. The diverse range of nonprofit organizations that have received support underscores the foundation’s dedication to making a positive difference in areas such as healthcare, education, and community welfare.

Some of the charities that CWM has contributed to include:

The foundation also funds educational scholarships for:

  • Children of CWM employees
  • Fenton High School students taking courses in the Applied Technology program
  • Harper College students who are majoring in Manufacturing Technology

The Chicago White Metal Charitable Foundation stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Walter Treiber Sr., whose vision in 1961 laid the foundation for a commitment to giving back to the community. The active engagement of CWM employees in supporting various causes reflects the foundation’s ongoing mission to share the company’s successes with those in need.

CWM Recycling Stats – October 2023

In October, CWM recycled the following to Imperial Recycling:

  • 835 lbs. of cardboard
  • 196 lbs. of plastic
  • 52 lbs. of paper
  • 1,139 lbs. of wood

CWM also delivered 4 pounds of Styrofoam to the Village of Western Springs Public Work. Groot Recycling picked up roughly 5 yards of mixed recyclables as well. That includes 479 pounds of cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, etc., deposited in our blue barrels around the plant.

For October, we diverted 2,705 pounds from our landfills. As a side note, we have collected 76 pounds of Styrofoam YTD – that might seem like a small amount, but that much material can fill an 8-foot by 10-foot room! Check out our Environmental Practices page to learn more!