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December Recycling Stats & 2023 Recap

In December 2023, CWM recycled the following to Imperial Recycling:

  • 1,297 lbs. of Cardboard
  • 199 lbs. of Plastic
  • 159 lbs. of Paper
  • 1,262 lbs. of Wood

Groot picked up roughly four cubic yards of mixed recyclables, including 425 pounds of cans, bottles, plastic bottles, newspapers, etc., from our blue barrels throughout the facility.

In December alone, we diverted 3,342 pounds of recyclable waste from our landfills!

2023 Recycling Statistics Recap

In 2023, CWM recycled the following impressive totals:

  • 18,775 lbs. of Cardboard
  • 2,373 lbs. of Plastic
  • 1,874 lbs. of Paper
  • 22,385 lbs. of Wood
  • 76 lbs. of Styrofoam

We also recycled over 8,000 pounds of mixed recyclables to Groot. CWM’s impressive 2023 total diverted from our landfills is 53,528 pounds. At CWM, we are extremely proud of this accomplishment! Learn more about our Environmental Practices here.