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The Insourcing Boom: Updated In-Depth Look at the Comeback of Manufacturing to the U.S.

CWM Die Casting Plant

Chicago White Metal recognizes the increase in domestic die casting interest – and manufacturing, in general.  In many ways, domestic die casting becomes an ideal solution for several reasons, many of which convert to major benefits that contribute to the overall efficiency when deciding to use a U.S. die casting supplier.  The benefits can be anything from attention to detail, engineering ability, accessibility, U.S. control standards, and other capabilities.  When looking at an offshore provider or considering a U.S. die cast supplier, this article gives an insight into why domestic manufacturing is increasing.

After years of offshore production, U.S. companies are moving much of their far-flung manufacturing operations back home. General Electric is an early example, but it is not alone. Whirlpool, from China to Ohio; Otis, from Mexico to South Carolina; even Wham-O, from China to California.

Charles Fishman, award-winning investigative and magazine journalist writing in the Atlantic magazine, explores what he calls a startling, sustainable, just-getting-started return of industry to the United States. Read a TechBrief PDF condensation of his in-depth article and the reasons for these major production shifts that he labels “The Insourcing Boom.” Directly download the PDF here.