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Outstanding Safety Record Cited Again for ’08

CWM Receives Outstanding Safety Record Cited Again for ’08

Chicago White Metal Casting again received an Outstanding Safety Award from the North American Die Casting Association. One of a select group of die casters presented with the 2008 award, CWM repeated its safety performance which brought it the award in 2007.

The annual NADCA Safety Award recognizes die casting industry companies that have met or exceeded industry criteria for operating a safe working environment for their employees, covering total operations whose reportable injury or illness level was below the national average of 7.0 for all manufacturing companies.

CWM Launches New “Green Facilities” Program

CWM Recycles

Building on its ISO 14001 environmental certification commitments, CWM is launching an expanded program of “Green Facilities Initiatives” to further reduce its ecological footprint in its offices & production facilities.

Targeting landfill avoidance, waterways improvement and energy conservation, this program will further enhance CWM activities in recycling production scrap, plastic shrink film, pallets, batteries, packaging containers, corrugated material, office paper, and in reducing chemical & process water usage.