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How CWM Assures Critical Cosmetic Success

At Chicago White Metal, we are constantly investing in advanced technologies to improve the die casting process. While Magmasoft® has been used in the industry for years, it’s still considered a revolutionary technology because it reduces lead time, improves quality assurance, and saves money. The engineering team at Chicago White Metal has been using Magmasoft® software for a little over a decade, and it’s made a big difference when it comes to producing quality castings. 

There are numerous projects that have seen success at CWM thanks in large part to  Magmasoft® and the hard work of our engineering team. Recently, CWM was given the opportunity to cast a magnesium housing for a handheld camera. The combination of the part specifications and the shape meant it would be challenging to create an optimum part. 

After our engineering team created the tooling design for the project, they used the advanced Magmasoft® process simulation software. Doing so enabled the CWM engineers to predict the effects of the final metal flow for the part. After a series of precise tooling design iterations and repeat simulations, the design was released for die tooling construction—the final result: a strong, well-cast part.

This is a good example of the metal flow simulation provided by the Magmasoft® software.

As illustrated in the animation above, Magmasoft® allows rapid analysis of a product’s design, tooling, and process variables before die construction. Magmasoft® is designed specifically for metal casting manufacturers. The advanced software provides incredibly realistic and detailed mapping of all involved processes.

CWM engineers believe that the Magmasoft® system is the best predictor of a die casting die design’s performance. It provides the best estimate of the metal flow results that can be expected in the final cast part.

Contact CWM today to learn more about Magmasoft® and how it can help reduce lead time, improve quality assurance, and lower manufacturing costs. You can also request a quote from our sales team to see if your project is suitable for die casting.