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Transportation Die Castings

The automotive and off-road vehicle industries depend on extreme manufacturing efficiency and superior product quality. CWM’s technical expertise combined with full-service capabilities offer die casting solutions to meet these challenges.

In die casting, product quality begins with the right alloy choice. CWM casts with three families of alloys, aluminummagnesium, and zinc, which offers you the assurance of getting an unbiased recommendation for the success of your automotive or off-road vehicle program.

Mechanical properties, geometry, tolerances, die life, final finish and cost are just some of the considerations that will determine the best choice of die casting material.

Today, many automotive die casting components are manufactured with lightweight magnesium to improve vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. CWM casts with Mg alloy AZ91D which offers the best strength-to-weight ratio of any structural metal. Plus, significant cost savings can be realized with the fast cycle times of CWM’s advanced hot chamber die casting process.

We operate one of the largest hot-chamber facilities for precision automotive die casting components in the world, and our technical expertise in this area has earned several Awards from the International Magnesium Association and the North American Die Casting Association.

Request a quote today on automotive die casting for your transportation project, or contact us to review your project with a sales engineer.