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Electrical / Electronic Die Castings

The high-tech magnesium and zinc die castings pictured at right are examples of net-shape and near-net-shape housings and components for electrical and electronic control panels, servo drives, flow meters, commercial scales, radar detectors, PC board assemblies, and connectors.

Design specifications for  die cast enclosures, housings and electrical die casting components often require the application to be rugged and durable, lightweight for portability, waterproof, dust-proof, and have fail-safe EMI shielding.  CWM has experience with the most demanding die cast enclosure and die casting components requirements.

CWM offers Die Cast Solutions for Electrical Components
Examples of net-shape and near-net-shape housings and components for the electronic industry.

Part specifications in zinc meet superior as-cast surface finish requirements for die casting components. In aluminum, wall thicknesses are being cast down to .015 in. (.381mm) with zero draft in selected areas. Fail-safe EMI/RFI shielding and heat sink properties are built-in features for these components in aluminum, magnesium, or zinc, together with excellent strength and rigidity.

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