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The design phase of any new project should start with the finish in mind.

A die casting surface finish can provide durability, protection and a decorative appearance. Because surface finishing options range from appearance to performance, it is best to discuss your application needs with us early in the design phase. The specific features of many designs have an impact on the surface finish. For example, parting lines, ejector pins, and gates can affect the end result. With over 75 years of die casting surface finishing expertise, our engineers will evaluate your requirements to recommend the best design and finishing options.

Depending on your casting’s surface finish requirements, CWM can provide all your finishing needs. Standard finishing steps include:

  • Mechanical Finishing
  • Functional Finishing
  • Decorative Finishing

CWM offers two excellent resources to assist you determine your best casting surface finish options:

CWM can facilitate die cast finishing
Depending on your casting’s surface finish requirements, CWM can provide all your finishing needs.
Powder coating - finishing
Powder coating being applied to several die castings.

CWM has developed a quick finishing guide with detailed information for each finish, by alloy, with recommended uses, advantages and limitations.

CWM coupon CWM offers finished die cast “coupons” which allow you to accurately visualize different die casting surface finishing options, and evaluate relative performance levels. Each “coupon” exhibits a coating applied under production conditions to the actual die cast alloy used for your product. The finishes cover all widely used post-casting surface coatings and finishing alternatives available for die cast components in aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

Both of these resources plus many others are available with a free subscription to CWM’s Design Center.

Contact Chicago White Metal today to learn more about our available die casting surface finish options.

Learn More About Finishing:

The Die Casting Process: An OEM Designer’s Overview

This overview for OEM designers and specifiers is a refresher for those OEM product design engineers, buyers and purchasing managers already familiar with die casting; and for those new to the process it provides a valuable framework or further pursuit.

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The Miniature Zinc Die Casting Advantage

Presents the facts on why multi-slide, miniature zinc die casting is the preferred choice for small precision components. It enables product designers to learn how this specialized die casting process can substantially reduce component costs and provide optimal precision to a new project design or a conversion from an existing process.

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10 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Die Cast Parts

6-page guide outlines 10 key cost drivers that design engineers can leverage during the product design stage to yield significant cost savings in the custom production of die cast components. These specific planning steps aid in integrating the realities of die cast manufacturing.

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Overview of CWM Die Casting & Production Capabilities

4-page condensed overview of Chicago White Metal Casting capabilities in Al, Mg and Zn from front-end assistance, prototyping to part finishing and assembly. Summarizes CWM’s experience, advanced technologies, and ISO 9001 & 14001 registered management systems.

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EPA-Compliant Chromate for Al, Mg & Zn Parts

Latest information on Trivalent chromium which is now a proven alternative to hexavalent chromium coatings and meets new U.S. and European Union environmental mandates. Economical, with a cosmetically pleasing finish, it offers high corrosion resistance for CWM Al, Mg & Zn die castings.

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CWM Al, Mg & Zn Die Cast Production Specs 

2-page descriptive detailed data sheet for Chicago White Metal Casting’s current high-tech production specifications, material properties and nominal chemistry for its Al, Mg & Zn alloy capabilities.

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NADCA Commercial Practices for Die Casting Buyers

Comprehensive resource on accepted contractual purchasing practices for purchasing die casting and related services based on established industry trade customs. Prepared by the North American Die Casting Assn. Contains guidelines for developing proposals and contracts plus helpful checklists for printout on Tooling, Production and Finishing Specifications. Covers defining quality requirements; die casting die and production tooling; transferred dies; die cast production part orders; purchased components; price adjustments; patent obligations; die casting warranties and product liability.

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Design & Specification Guide for Custom Die Castings

Updated and expanded 16-page reference to the major design & specification steps that drive the cost and performance of components die cast in Al, Mg and Zn alloys. Among key design and production factors covered: Matching material properties; Die design & construction; Minimizing part porosity; Optimizing part heat transfer; Preplanning post-casting machining, if required; Dimensioning and tolerancing; Flash considerations; Prototyping; and as-cast finish guidelines.

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NADCA Standards: Aluminum Alloy Data

Al alloy selection, machining and finishing data; chemical composition; material properties and die casting and other characteristics.

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Al Archery Bow NADCA Die Casting Award Winner

The central component for a newly developed archery bow for serious young archers is a high-tech Al die casting produced to precision tolerance specifications and machined look and feel of a “hog out.” Delivered at the targeted market price, on tightened time schedule to tie-in with promotional book and film release dates. NADCA Die Casting Award of Excellence winner. (Includes photos)

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NADCA Standards: Magnesium Alloy Data

Mg alloy selection, machining and finishing data; chemical composition; material properties and die casting and other characteristics.

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Die Cast Zn for Key Computer Structural Component

Computer workstations from Silicon Graphics incorporated a zinc die cast rear cap frame, which combined important structural function with superior cosmetic appearance. The Zn die cast component, selected for its excellent strength, rigidity, EMI shielding characteristics and part consolidation potential, was the first use by the company of a die casting in one of their workstation computers.

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NADCA Standards: Zinc & ZA Alloy Data

Updated Zn and ZA alloy selection, machining and finishing data; chemical composition; material properties and die casting and other characteristics.

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NADCA: Die Cast Production & Finishing Checklists

Key factors in specifying the production and surface finishing of die cast parts, based on NADCA Product Standards Manual guidelines. Helps assure clearer communication between OEM purchaser and die caster. (2015)

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Preliminary Guide to Overmolding of Die Cast Parts

Overmolding of a die cast enclosure allows product advantages beyond the soft-touch characteristics of elastomers. Tech Brief outlines design considerations which should be addressed by the design engineer planning a marriage of die casting and elastomer overmolding.

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Quick Guide to Surface Finishing for Al, Mg & Zn Parts

8-page condensed resource on evaluating finishing alternatives and optimizing component finishing decisions for Al, Mg and Zn die cast products. Features a comparison table rating 32 surface coatings on relative cost, appearance, wear and corrosion resistance; Presents recommended finishing for a range of typical die cast components.

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Surface Finishing for Die Casting Bulletin

Brief overview to surface treatment systems for die cast part protection, decoration and improving component performance, for all alloys: Al, Mg, Zn and ZA.

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Tutorial: Electronic Enclosure Design for Die Casting

Step-by-step tutorial for a typical electronic enclosure design optimized for die casting takes the product designer through die casting design decisions applying recommended engineering principles appropriate to a range of similar design projects. Published by NADCA.

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Leveraging DFM Prior to Design Commitment

This presentation will aid OEM product designers, engineers and specifiers with valuable, practical guidelines for assuring sound design-for-manufacturing decisions prior to freezing their designs destined for die casting production.

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Surface Finishes for Die Casting

Presents the important factors that can affect the outcome of the final appearance of your die cast component when its surface finish is a critical issue. This narrated webinar will aid an understanding of the various finish options, and how their uses and limitations can make the difference between successful product development and costly results. 49 minutes.

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