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Lean Manufacturing Practices to the Next Level

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As part of its program of aggressively pursuing best lean practices, CWM has formalized lean manufacturing in its production procedures, incorporating continuing in-house training.

The CWM program is based on in depth reviews of the successful lean programs of its largest customers, with successful backgrounds in the formal application of lean manufacturing principles. CWM team members participated in comprehensive lean training sessions incorporating Kaisan events and Value Stream Mapping.

The lean manufacturing program at CWM has demonstrated its continuing effectiveness in revealing improvement opportunities.

500% Cost Saving: Die Cast vs Machined Brass

Medical device produced in CNC machined brass

The low-volume production of a small precision component for a medical device, produced in CNC machined brass, was put through value analysis against possible alternative production efficiencies. Results of the review indicated that a CWM net-shape 4-slide miniature zinc die casting could replace the machined part with no sacrifice in mechanical properties, at a significant cost reduction. The precision component is now being die cast at a 500% unit cost saving.

To download a PDF of the full case study of this part, click here for Miniature Die Casting Case Study No. 39 on the Case Study page in the OEM Die Cast Design Center section.

New Report on OEM Sourcing’s Return to U.S.

New Report on OEM Sourcing’s Return to U.S.

A seven-page White Paper has been released by the North American Die Casting Assn. (NADCA) on the resurgence of manufacturing sourcing to U.S. suppliers as reported in major consulting firm studies and by industry and business publications. The overview cites examples of “onshoring” that range from Fortune 500 companies to smaller manufacturers producing toys.

The review notes that North American custom die casters are participating in this trend, with nearly a quarter of NADCA members reporting new gains from die casting projects previously sourced offshore. Factors responsible for recent OEM decisions to return to U.S. suppliers, a trend that is expected to continue, are discussed in detail.

This latest NADCA report is an updating of the research study, “Hidden Costs of Offshore Sourcing,” which NADCA conducted in conjunction with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce in 2004.

The new White Paper is available here in PDF format for immediate download.