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Jon Miller Appointed CWM Director of Sales

President Eric Treiber announced the appointment of Jonathan (Jon) Miller as CWM Director of Sales. He is supervising all sales activities, including managing the CWM force of sales-engineers which serve OEMs from major cities in the U.S., as well as Canada and Mexico.

He joined CWM with 24 years of experience in the die casting industry, including 20 years in sales, marketing and engineering for one of the largest custom magnesium die casters in North America. His earlier Al and Zn die casting industry experience was as a die cast Quality Assurance Manager and as a Quality Engineer and Production Supervisor. He is a past American Society of Quality Control certified quality engineer, and a current member of the North American Die Casting Association and the International Magnesium Association, where he has served as a speaker, program chairman, and committee member.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Systems Analysis from Taylor University and a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from the Keller School of Management.

China’s CDMIA Issues Caution on Die Tooling

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In a candid statement from the China Die and Mold Industry Assn. (CDMIA), its director stated that state ownership suffers a deficient system for producing sophisticated die casting dies and plastic molds based on inadequate numbers of qualified professionals.

According to the association’s year-end report, quoted in Design News, one of the biggest problems plaguing Chinese mold making is lack of skilled workers. It states China’s tooling industry remains substandard and largely incapable of making highly complex tools. Exported tools are termed mostly medium- or low-grade. A clear note of caution to U.S. OEMs.

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