New Mag Option for Chrome-Plated Plastic

The superior mechanical qualities of magnesium can now be combined with a premium cosmetic plated finish offering product designers a cost-effective new option. New joint material and process finishing developments have brought quality electroplating to Mg die casting for a wide range of new applications.

The new mag chrome-plated surface finishes for die cast housings and components are comparable to that achievable in high-quality zinc parts and superior to that of molded plastic.

Quality chrome plating for thin-wall, lightweight mag has long been a goal when an alternative to a painted surface was desired. Chicago White Metal Casting can now offer mag’s superior advantages in rigidity, impact strength and dent resistance with a premium-plated finish, at part weights comparable to plastic. Excellent heat dissipation and built-in EMI/RFI shielding are added benefits of Mg. The costly inserts often required for plastic parts can be eliminated.

For more on how this new Mag Alloy and Chrome Electroplating development could benefit your product planning, Email the CWM Sales Dept. or call 630-595-4424.

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