CWM 3-way Win in NADCA Casting Competition

Three entries by Chicago White Metal Casting were winners in each of their categories in the 2009 Die Casting Design Contest of the North American Die Casting Assn., scoring a first-ever triple win for CWM in this international contest.

For Aluminum Die Castings, 1 to 10 lbs., CWM was the winner with a baseplate control support structure for a dental workstation, serving as a rigid platform for mounting air, water, and pneumatic control lines concealed with a cosmetic cover. Cut-out features over a 6 in. length across the 8.5 in. center width of this plate restricts the edge-to-edge metal flow, creating a challenging die fill. CWM employed its Magmasoft simulation software in developing the optimum gating system for this component.

For Aluminum Die Castings, under 1 lb., the winning as-cast die casting went to the CWM automotive mirror mount. This casting achieves the structural integrity and critical dimensional accuracy required to withstand years of trouble-free operation through wide changes in temperature and humidity. The ball end is held to a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm that must be maintained over a long production run

For Magnesium Die Castings, over .5 lbs., CWM’s third winner was a set of two hot-chamber Mg side-walls for a medical imager, providing exterior cosmetics as well as critical functions to this state-of-the-art desktop unit: the die cast walls assure cassette alignment and support for rollers and motors. Die cast Mg offered optimum dimensional accuracy and repeatability, with flatness held as-cast to .032 in. or less over almost a 20 in. length, and significant weight reduction. A proprietary injection system eliminated edge gating, with metal injected directly into the die casting.

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