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Magmasoft® Simulation Avoids Horror Story

Since CWM put the advanced Magmasoft software simulation system to work, its accurate thermal and metal-flow predictions prior to tooling design and prototyping have helped achieve first-piece production success with some especially challenging die cast part designs.

A recent project was a particularly dramatic example of the prevention of what could have been a costly tooling and production failure. The product designers had developed what they believed was an excellent design for a successful die casting and were anxious to proceed. CWM engineers were wary of complete die cavity filling for certain part features and recommended a detailed Magmasoft simulation. Before proceeding with tooling design, the customer’s CAD data was used to perform the analysis. Results of the simulation modeling not only confirmed CWM’s suspicions, but demonstrated that the original part design would have resulted in production dies incapable of being modified for a successful production.

Component design changes recommended were agreed to and new flow simulations were run. The final production part met all customer requirements.

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