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The Village of Bensenville and CWM Strengthen Ties with a Facility Tour

Chicago White Metal further strengthens its ties with Village of Bensenville by offering an exclusive tour of the CWM facilities.  The relationship between Bensenville and CWM has existed since the 1970’s, when the company moved from its Chicago location and built the Bensenville plant.  About 1 1/2 years ago, CWM was featured on the Village of Bensenville local TV show, “Made In Bensenville,” in which Mayor Frank Soto and Eric Treiber discussed the manufacturing industry, the history of the company, the current state of die casting, corporate culture, and other issues.

Mayor Soto was accompanied by new Village Manager Evan Summers and Marketing & Business Development Administrator Mike Martella.

CWM President & CEO Gives tour of CWM Facility

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