CWM 2023 Customer Survey

Welcome to your CWM 2023 Customer Survey! Please note that the submit button is at the bottom of the page once you complete the survey. The save/load buttons are available for those who are unable to complete the survey in one sitting.

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1. Please rate Chicago White Metal on each of the items below (use a 5 point scale with 1 being poor, 5 being excellent)

1a. Responsiveness to your needs:

1b. Follow through on commitments:

1c. Flexibility in accommodating purchase order changes:

1d. Quality of die castings:

1e. Management of secondary finishing operations

1f. Knowledge and understanding of your technical requirements and quality expectations:

1g. Quality of initial samples and conformity to specifications:

2a. On your next die casting project, how likely is your company to partner with Chicago White Metal?

3a. Based on your experience with us, what is the likelihood that you will recommend Chicago White Metal to

4a. Did you receive timely acknowledgements after placement of purchase orders in the past year?

5a. Has our delivery performance satisfied the expectations of your company in the past year?

6a. Did you experience any serious problems with Chicago White Metal in the past year?