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Importance of Design for Manufacturing in Die Casting

Before the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process can begin, it’s essential to determine which manufacturing process will be the optimal solution for your final product. While several methods are available to manufacture parts efficiently, few offer the quality, environmental advantages, and cost savings of die casting.

Depending on the project’s specific needs, our team will work with a potential customer to determine if the part is a good fit for High-Pressure Die Casting. Some of these factors include:

  • Part specifications: The size and scope of your project are one of the first things taken into consideration – what size is it? What are the physical and cosmetic requirements?
  • Material: At CWM, we cast three alloys – Aluminum, Magnesium, and Zinc. Each has its own set of advantages, and our team can help determine which alloy might be the ideal choice for your component.
  • Project details: It is essential to provide as much detail as possible about your project to determine whether die casting is the right process for the application. Information such as the expected annual and lifetime quantity needed, where the part will be assembled, what mating parts are attached to it, will it be exposed to environmental extremes or chemicals, what other processes are being considered, etc. These are all important details to help determine if high-pressure die casting is a good fit.

Application Review

Once it’s determined that die casting is the right manufacturing process for your part, CWM will initiate DFM process with your team. It starts with a detailed application review – the more we know about your project, the better prepared we will be to make recommendations.

Our engineers must understand what the end product does and how the part being cast will function. Even the most minor details may affect cost and performance. Therefore, CWM’s engineers consider the following factors in the initial review:

  • Mating part review: What components or materials connect to this part? Where are the connecting surfaces?
  • Function: What are the features and functions of the part?
  • Product testing: Are there any additional tests the part needs to undergo (i.e., leak testing, stress tests, corrosion resistance)?
  • Finishing: Are there any cosmetic or finish requirements? What surfaces does the user view? What coating is being considered?

CWM welcomes video conferences throughout the process and encourages face-to-face meetings on-site at CWM, or we can arrange for our team to visit your location. A visit to CWM will allow both our team and your team to develop a partnership, review best practices, learn about the die casting process & other technologies used at CWM, and discuss the plans for the future.

Part Optimization

At CWM, a DFM review is part of every new project. As part of that review, we offer our customers a wide variety of design assistance. For example, we will work with you and your team to complete design conversions from injection-molded parts, other casting methods, or hogouts. Our team also assists with recommendations for appropriate design guidelines for all three alloy types, consolidating assembly components into a single die casting, and we always complete a mold flow analysis using Magmasoft® to ensure a quality casting.

In the preliminary stages of moving from concept to ready-to-tool design, a CWM product engineer will explore solutions that would be best for the part – this can include weight reduction or component consolidation. Then, CWM can work with your team through various designs until the part is optimized for our High-Pressure Die Casting process and your applications requirements.

We believe that a well-optimized part makes for an improved die cast process that can ultimately reduce part cost – which, aside from producing the best quality part possible, is the primary goal.

Contact CWM Today to Learn More

A good die caster will know whether a part is a fit for the die casting process. An excellent die caster will have enough experience to direct you and your team towards another approach if die casting is not a good fit and the expertise to help convert your part to a High-Pressure Die Casting that maximizes overall performance and value.

Contact our team today for more information on how Design for Manufacturing can benefit your project during the die casting process. Email sales@cwmtl.com or call 630-595-4424. You can also Request a Quote using our online form, and a member of our team will reach out to you directly.

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