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Equipment Highlight: CWM’s new 1000-Ton Die Casting Machine

In September of 2020, Chicago White Metal’s maintenance team took on the task of installing a brand new aluminum 1000-ton die casting machine. Under the leadership of Max Golovin, CWM’s Director of R&D, the installation of a new IDRA-900 Xpress Die Casting Machine was completed in the spring of 2021. CWM produced the first official casting from the new machine on March 24, 2021.

The purchase of the IDRA Xpress 900 Series Die Casting Machine gives CWM the ability to expand our already extensive capabilities. Bill Erbacci, CWM’s Customer Care/Fulfillment Manager, said, “The new IDRA machine gives CWM increased capacity and scheduling flexibility. As a result, CWM can run a broader mix of parts in the new IDRA. This translates into shorter die casting lead times for our customer’s orders.”

Benefits of the IDRA Xpress 900

The IDRA Xpress 900 Series Die Casting Machine features a state-of-the-art design with a 900 Metric (1000 US) ton clamping force capacity and a larger platen than other CWM machines. In addition, the Xpress Series from IDRA offers a Rigid Toggle System, which gives the machine the closing force necessary to produce larger, thin wall, complex parts.

The Xpress Series from IDRA was an ideal choice for CWM because it offers excellent efficiency and long-lasting precision – it also provides:

  • Fast and reliable injection of the molten metal
  • Longevity, because it’s built to last in heavy-duty conditions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Full automation

One of the most significant benefits of adding the IDRA Xpress 900 Series Die Casting Cell to CWM’s fleet of equipment is that it is a complete Die Casting Cell. Meaning, it’s equipped with its own melting furnace, two robots, an automatic sprayer, hot-oil heating units, water-cooling system, part cooling conveyor, and trim press. One robot loads ingots into the furnace, while the other extracts the part from the die and places it on the conveyer.

What the Future Holds

CWM has already produced many parts in the new machine, and the results have been excellent. The IDRA Xpress 900 Series Die Casting Machine allows CWM to push the boundaries because we can now produce larger parts while still maintaining the highest quality possible.

Contact the CWM Team today if you or your team have a part that you think might be a good fit for CWM’s high pressure die casting process. Click here to visit our contact page or fill out a quote request.

Preparing for Installation

After installation:

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