CWM and Crossbow Manufacturer Hit the Target with a NADCA Design Award!

CWM CEO and President Eric Treiber accepts NADCA Award

Chicago White Metal collaborated with a crossbow maker to get a bullseye win for a riser part!  Eric Treiber accepted the award on behalf of CWM for the 2018 North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) Excellence in Design Award, winning the “Aluminum 1 to 10 lbs.” category.

The crossbow manufacturing company was focused primarily on two things: safety and quality.  The riser is a safety-critical part that is the “heart” of the crossbow, so the strength of the part was vital to the success of the end product.  The crossbow was designed to be narrow and made for pinpoint accuracy.  It is one of the lightest crossbows on the market, weighing in at only 6.3 lbs.

Crossbow riser piece cast by CWM

This was the manufacturer’s very first die cast part, which enabled them to convert the “machined from extrusion” approach that they typically do for crossbow risers to a high pressure die casting process.  The design was modified to incorporate as-cast pockets in order to eliminate additional assembly.  Ultimately, the cost was reduced by 1/3 simply by converting to the high-pressure die casting process.

“The Aluminum 1 to 10 lbs category is typically a more competitive category.  That makes the win even more of an honor,” Marketing Coordinator Roseann Rimocal says.

CWM’s internal marketing showcase will display the parts, the end product, and the award for a couple weeks.  The plaque will then be transferred to its new home in the Research & Development wing, along with a number of other design awards Chicago White Metal has taken home over the course of many years.

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