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CWM Gets “Klever” and takes Home a 2017 NADCA Die Casting Award!

CWM Director of Engineering Rob Malarky Accepts NADCA Award for Klever Xchange Plus Handle

Chicago White Metal collaborated with Klever Innovations to “cut” out the competition and take home a win for the Klever Xchange Plus Handle!  Both teams were honored with a 2017 North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) Excellence in Design Award, winning the “Magnesium under 0.5 lbs.” category.

Klever Xchange Plus Handle

Klever Innovations is a company that makes safety their top priority and is committed to developing the most innovative safety equipment and utility cutting knives in the industry. Klever manufactures and designs all of their products within the United States, and the safety knives are built to the highest quality and efficiency, helping to reduce costs associated with on-the-job injury claims and employee downtime. They have developed a full line of cutters and safety knives that satisfy different needs in the workplace, utilizing an innovative replacement blade system which protects employees when they are changing out the blades.

CWM Wins NADCA Award for Klever Xchange Plus Handle

Chicago White Metal spent a great deal of time and care ensuring the engineering of this part maintained the Klever reputation. Both engineering teams discussed the challenge, which was how to make as many of the features castable and eliminate additional processes. The previous end product (Klever Xchange) was a multi-part assembly, which was primarily plastic with steel and rubber features. CWM worked closely with the Klever team to create a design that involved consolidating this part into a single magnesium casting for a more cost- and time-efficient die cast solution.

NADCA is a die casting association that sets quality standards and checkpoints for die casters throughout North America.  The prestigious Award of Excellence is an annual award that is given to the companies involved in the design of a die cast part which shows the highest level of die casting innovation and overall efficiency.

Congratulations to the CWM Engineering Team and Klever for a 2017 Win!

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