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CWM CEO Leads IMA to 1st China Conference

In pursuit of the goal of the International Magnesium Assn. to promote wider worldwide use of magnesium, the IMA held its first Annual World Magnesium Conference in Beijing, China, jointly organized by the China Magnesium Assn. Walter Treiber, CWM CEO, led this international industry conclave of lectures and exhibits as the IMA’s president.

Building the Die Cast Mg Market A major feature of the Conference was the presentation of IMA awards for excellence in magnesium die casting and display of past award-winning examples. CWM has won this award, which promotes new die casting applications, many times in the past.

Die Casting Now Leads All Mg Usage Among the magnesium end-use categories, die casting is now estimated to be the single largest usage category in 2005, and appears on track for continued growth in both the automotive and non-automotive markets.

Magnesium die casting is growing at nearly twice the rate of overall Mg consumption, according to data from the IMA.

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