21% Sales Increase in 2010, Sales Up Overseas

During CWM’s annual “Thank You” luncheon for all employees and suppliers, as well as company retirees and other guests, President Eric Treiber presented a summary of CWM’s accomplishments over the last year— including the remarkable 2010 sales increase of 21% over 2009.

Also noted were important companywide investments in training, strategic new hires, and new software and advanced new equipment such the state-of-the-art Pioneer Sheffield Coordinate Measuring Machine in CWM’s Quality Assurance Dept.

International Sales Growth
Over the last two decades, Eric pointed out, CWM’s international sales have continued to grow: at the end of 2010, CWM had shipped to 18 countries outside the U.S. By July 2011, these sales included 10 countries in the Europeon Union, five countries in Asia, as well as Israel in the Middle East and Canada and Mexico in North America.

The “CWM” trademark, along with its corporate name “Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.,” has been registered under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol within the European Community, as well as with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The trademark of CWM is now acknowledged in 85 countries around the globe.

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