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Industry Manuals Now Online at Special Pricing

For some time CWM has offered a selection of important die casting design and specification reference manuals and CD-ROMs for purchase through its website. Now, for OEMs considering the die casting process, this valuable reference material will be available to OEMs in the U.S. and Canada by convenient, rapid online credit card ordering through the PayPal system.

The authoritative reference selections offered at special CWM OEM discounts include the latest editions of: The 178-page “Product Design for Die Casting” Manual, the 220-page “Product Specification Standards for Die Casting” Manual and the CD-ROM version of this Standards Manual, all published by the North American Die Casting Assn.

To access the Reference Manual section and online Order Form in the “OEM Die Cast Design Center” of the CWM website, click here: Reference Manuals/CDs.

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